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Friday, March 14, 2008

Critters Redux

Critter Guy came back today. As did WallFill Guy and ServiceMaster get-rid-of-the-old-insulation Guy.

Trap number two. No critter. Bait gone. Critter Guy looked at the bait (it is neatly packaged in aluminum foil), and discovered it had been opened from the back and the bait removed. He thinks -- mice.

OK, so we've had mice. Since we put in the new kitchen, nothing until this winter when there was evidence of their nocturnal forays into a couple of the kitchen drawers. YUK! And plenty of evidence in the basement just below the kitchen. Triple YUK!! But we took care of them (never mind how), and we've not seen any evidence of their mouse conventions either upstairs or down for the past several months.

I assured Critter Guy that what we were hearing were NOT mice -- they were more along the line of elephants (see previous blog). Mice -- I can deal with mice. Not nice, messy, but they at least are little. Squirrels -- we've had those too in days of yore, but well -- not so bad. But raccoons? 30 to 40 pounds of LARGE and NASTY (think hissing, snarling and thumping), not to mention an attic full of destroyed insulation....ugh.

So, we currently have trap number 3. We have estimates for taking out old insulation, putting in new insulation, deodorizing the floorboards, and making the house animal proof.

Will we catch the bandit? Well, that remains to be seen. We've not heard him recently -- but that doesn't mean anything. He/she/they have moved to the western side of the attic which is above the bathroom, so as that is visited only briefly at night, we haven't heard much of anything. Or -- is he/she gone? Could be. But maybe there is a family, just biding their time.

Critter Guy said that birthing season is April and May. Momma Raccoons like to birth in attics, and then the babies know where to come home. I am NOT, repeat NOT going to be a lactation consultant to said raccoons. They don't know how to get raccoon milk, I'm NOT going to help them.

All is quiet at the moment.

I'll keep you posted.


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