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Thursday, January 10, 2008


I had never played Dominos. Isn't that weird? I thought all you did with them was stand them up in a nifty row-design to knock them down.

Well, that's not TOTALLY true. I knew there was something you could do in which you would match the dots, but I'd never played a game before.

Torrey and Chris brought a set of Mexican Train Dominos (white ones with multicolored dots) when they came for Christmas, bound and determined that we were going to learn how to play.

It was so much fun! Of course, I lost big time because I didn't have a clue that there could actually be a strategy to the whole thing. Bob and Chris kept playing with their dominos, lining them up in some sort of a pattern, while I'd just look at mine, match them and hope for the best.

We bought a set to see if Tim wanted to take them with him, but he was so overweight in his luggage that he opted to leave them here at home. So Bob and I figured out a way to play with just the two of us, and spent a Saturday night thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

Tim's first night in North Africa? Playing Mexican Train Dominos with the other workers who were having a New Year's Eve party!!

I figured out how to strategize and why you play with your dominos, setting them up in a certain way. Cool! I was very excited.

Didn't seem to matter. I lost anyway.

Next time.....


At 11:09 AM, Blogger CuzNuz Ruth said...

I guess you didn't spend enough time around Grandma Anna Renich when you were little... she used dominoes to teach us to add, subtract, etc but that was just the simple game. Haven't played Mexican Train much, but love playing Chicken Feet with Dominoes... and the dominoes for the different games are all the same... can be colored or just white dots, doesn't matter. It's just more fun with colored! It's also a game we play whenever we have company... well almost always! Fun.


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