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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Moroccan Dinner

Thursday night we decided to do our version of a Moroccan dinner with the "Poulet au Citron" which has an emphasis on the olives rather than the preserved lemons. Tim and Jen were the assistant cooks, chopping garlic, arranging olives, putting together the spices for the "juice."

Susie, Kara & Michael came over for dinner as well, which wasn't quite finished when they arrived, so the kitchen was full of happy noisy people. It was wonderful. I presided over dinner wearing my purple jellabah (of course). Bob presided over dessert which was vanilla ice cream with Saunders Hot Fudge (the best in the world, I'm convinced -- it comes from Detroit. I tried to make the hot fudge once -- I found a recipe for it. I used a very clean, washed bottle to store it in. The hot fudge was delicious -- if you like a very faint odor and taste of dill. Evidently the bottle had once been used for pickles. But I digress....) Not very Moroccan, but there you are.

Our menu:

Poulet au Citron avec Olives

Broccoli (because Jen is into healthy)
Couscous (surprisingly good given that it came out of a package)
Fresh Italian bread (what, you think we are going to get Moroccan bread at the Jewel??)
Red wine
The aforementioned ice cream with hot fudge -- which wasn't hot, but that's OK.

We had great fun, the chicken was amazingly good, consider that my general claim to fame in terms of cooking is applying microwave to food, and super fellowship.

I do like Tim's friends.


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