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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We have critters.

Unseen, but not unheard.

Imagine be woken from a sound sleep with thumps, running, jumping, and -- yes -- shrieking -- in the room overhead. Not pleasant. Not a bit of it.

So we called Critter Guy and he determined it was most likely raccoons. And that the shrieking was most likely not the - um - throes of raccoon passion, but squirrels in the process of being devoured by said raccoons. Alive.

So he put up a trap which Bob was to check every morning. That was nearly a month ago.


No critters. And, in fact, no noises above our bedroom anymore.

They moved to a space above the bathroom.

Sleeping is much better, but midnight forays to the potty have taken on a different dimension.

Still no critter in the trap.

Critter Guy came back again today and blithely announced that no, there were no critters in the trap. There wasn't any bait, either. Evidently what we have in our attic is:

A Trap Savvy Critter.

Lovely. He/she (I'm not sexist) is able to float into the trap, take the bait, and get out without being trapped.

So Critter Guy rebaited the trap, found two spots where the animals are getting in, and will be back in a few days to (a) see what we have, (b) rebait the trap, (c) move the trap, and give us a quote on putting in all new insulation because which, to put it succinctly and in one word, the current insulation:


Gotta love a house built in 1898 that evidently provides a rest home and gymnasium for critters.


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