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Friday, February 22, 2008

Almost finished...

....with our first 6 day course of the year. One more day -- I leave for Chicago tomorrow and it will be mighty nice to get home. This has been a good group -- we have 38 with us which is a good number, though maybe a tad more than we can get to know comfortably.

I'm better. The Levaquin worked. The Robitussin with Codeine worked. The Mucinex worked, and the inhaler worked. So after 5 days of not eating much of anything -- we are going to cite Levaquin as a good appetite suppressant, I'm finally back enjoying food again.

It's always fun being at Linda's -- her house is right on Lake Norman, and it is amazing sitting in the family room which is really a sun room/kitchen/eating area with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lake (which is woefully low this year, NC being part of the summer's drought).

Bob, Carole's husband got here tonight, and he and Will are cooking -- tempura shrimp, oysters, vegetables, and a variety of other things. Just got a taste -- mmmmmm.

Home's hoping United is on time....

Of course, flying is a whole 'nuther story.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

Yes, I'm still reading!!! ;o) As for your winter this year...boy!!! By the way, I wonder if you had the flu what with all your various symptoms and all?


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