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Monday, December 31, 2007

He's Gone...

My last glimpse of him was through the posts and bars that outlined the security system for Terminal 5 at O'Hare. And then he was gone.

It has been a wonderful 2 weeks -- I'm so grateful we could bring him home inbetween his Adventures for God. Off to country number 3 -- another in North Africa where his French will be useful, but where he will have to learn yet another Arabic dialect. I'm glad he could spend time with Jen, especially, but also with Susie, Kara, and his friend Michael who was home for the same two weeks from his Peace Corps stint in Guatemala. He even got down to Indy to see Wes, Brian, Ben & Aaron -- and of course, Torrey and Chris were here for Christmas.

His suitcases were heavy -- he's packing for -- well, nearly two years -- though I expect a few care packages will fly between here and there. One suitcase was 68 pounds; the other was 62. Somehow they overlooked the one that was 62, and only charged us for the really heavy one. I just hope it made it in one piece...

"Ah, I see you washed your passport" said the ticket agent. Evidently she has seen that before. He'll need a new one -- just don't know when he'll be able to get that given all the traveling he will be doing.

I cried when he left. I tear up even now.

Being an empty nester is tough.

At least Jen and I can do a Ladies' Day Out periodically. That helps.

Yes -- it does.


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