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Friday, August 15, 2008

Birthday Update, 2008

The last post about birthdays was a bit -- um -- depressing. As dear BIL Rob pointed out, Tim has NO sewer or drainage system in his city....rendering most everything a sea of mud, water, and -- uh -- donkey unmentionables.

But -- a brighter update:

Torrey and Chris rescheduled her birthday celeb for August 9. I've not gotten all the details yet, but am given to understand it was wonderful. She is her father's daughter -- all gifts consisted of sundry and assorted CHOCOLATES!

Then she and Chris went to New Orleans for a conference Torrey had to attend -- and in true Ray fashion, there were unreal airline glitches, including the one in which they got to the airport in Indy, only to discover the hospital system had quite forgotten to actually PURCHASE the ticket for her to get to NO. Of course, being that it was Monday -- there was no one in the travel department to talk to, so for a mere $800, Torrey bought a one-way ticket to NO. I'm sure if the hospital refuses to pay for a ticket back to Indy, she can always bunk with Aunt Rosie and Uncle Rob for the rest of her life.....

I'm sure she'll have an update on HER blog....

Timothy recovered from his birthday bug in time to house-sit for a physician couple in his city who live in what he terms The Palace. A *real* bed, a *real* shower, a *real* potty, air conditioning, wireless internet, a refrigerator and a car....and for company, a dog. Today is his last day of living in luxury. Tomorrow afternoon after a naming ceremony, he goes back to his little cement box with no electricity. The battery operated fan we sent him back in June quit after two weeks, and though I've scoured the Jewel, there don't seem to be any more. (Well, OK, I've not hit Target, Walmart, Dominicks, Walgreens, CVS.....yet.) So it was only $5. So -- it should have lasted longer than 2 weeks, for pity sake!!

Jill's contractions petered out, got stronger the next day -- enough to send her from work to the OB office where she was deemed to be Not In Labor Yet. But 3-4 cm dilated. Her bags are packed, she's ready to go....

As of today she is either 37 weeks, or 37+4 (if you like my due date better), and Derrick is heaving a great sigh of relief. She's off work today, tomorrow and Sunday, and if she is still With Child, she's working 8 hours on Monday as her last day. Then she gets to sit around and twiddle her thumbs.

And perhaps she'll put a new and clearer message on her new iPhone -- Derrick's birthday gift.

As for me? I'm home (for just over 48 hours before heading to Salt Lake City), and loving it. A Chair of Bowlies -- oops -- a Bowl of Cherries for nibbling (OK, so there is a bag of chips calling to me), and enough work to keep me busy for at least 4 days -- and here I am....blogging.

At least it isn't MY birthday yet.


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