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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Carousel 10??

Arrived at O'Hare from Toronto last night -- American Airlines. Baggage claim -- carousel 10. That is what was listed when I checked flight times on the internet; that's what they said on the flight..."Pick up your baggage at carousel 10." OK -- no problem.


Where in the heck is carousel 10? I came in the far end of baggage claim as we had flown a puddle jumper (nearly) from Toronto and were disgorged at G-19. Big sign: 'Baggage Claim 1-10 ahead.'

Hmm -- interesting; they now have a place to get your boarding pass in baggage claim as long as you don't have baggage. If you don't have baggage, why would you be in baggage claim? There were probably 6 self serve kiosks there.

But I digress. All of a sudden there is a sign that says, 'Baggage claim 1-9 ahead.'

1-9? What happened to 10?

I practically trip over Bob who is wandering around looking for Carousel 10 as well. He doesn't know where it is....

We finally find someone from American Airlines that assures us there is no Carousel 10. "But that's where the flight attendant told us to find our luggage."

She smiles sympathetically. "What is your flight number? "

"4069 from Toronto."

"Hmmm.....ummmm....dear says it's at 10. Except there isn't a 10."

Oh good.

"There is a service area between 4 and 5. Just go there; I'm sure they'll be able to help you."


As we tool down there, I check the arrival board again -- yup, 4069 from Toronto is in, and the baggage is on carousel 10.

We keep on walking. Just as we are passing carousel 9, I see my familiar bright blue bag with the Wheaton College luggage tag, spinning merrily by.

I still don't know where carousel 10 is.


At 9:53 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

Glad you found your luggage! I hope to visit Toronto again someday. I have so many happy childhood memories of visiting my grandparents there. We never drove anywhere in a car when we went to Toronto. We always took a trolley bus and the subway. You can imagine that for a smalltown girl, the subway was almost as good as Disneyland.


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