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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Reunions, etc

Just about every 10 to 20 years or so, the Torrey family has a reunion. I didn't attend the last one which was held at Camp of the Woods in the Adirondacks in 1998, but my entire family was at the Montrose (PA) one in 1988. We may not reunion often, but when we do it, we do it with panache. I was not on the planning committee. My one (most likely ill-advised) e-mail offering to do a powerpoint of all the families with assorted pictures somehow got lost in cyberspace and no one took me up on it. My cousin Ben and sister Lyn were the primary movers and shakers for this -- one living in Korea, the other in Berlin. Thank goodness for e-mail (even if every e-mail I sent Ben ended up in his Spam. I suppose there could be a message there, right?) My not being involved is probably a good thing. Maybe next time???

For anyone who has waded through my 3 years worth of posts (yes, it HAS been three years) knows that I have mentioned Montrose here and there. We have a family home just up the hill from the Montrose Bible Conference founded by my great grandfather (GGF) RA Torrey in 1908, so this was the Centennial celebration of the conference. My branch of the family stayed in the cabin -- Bob and I with Torrey & Chris, Rosie & Rob with Rob, Jr., Tina & baby Charlotte -- did I hear her cry ONCE? I don't think so. Oh yes, she did, but we introduced her to pizza crusts and she decided that noshing on pizza at the tender age of 6 months was better than crying....but I digress.

Also with us were Reuben & Liz Anne; Lyn was there with son David who is checking out colleges -- so far in the running are Princeton, William & Mary, and WHEATON. If David chooses Wheaton (how can he NOT?) I will not make him dinner, but will take him to Alfie's. David, that's a promise!! Bro Rick came on Thursday night as well, so all four sibs were together.

This was Tina & Chris' first visit to Montrose. So we did all the traditional sorts of things -- walking in the woods, going downtown, running in the fourth of July 10 K (Torrey, Rosie & Robbie took medals)....

(I suppose it is only ironic that deep fried hot dogs and funnel cakes are being sold to benefit the new hospital....and the new head of the hospital will be our dear friend -- who is a -- cardiac surgeon. Keep this up, David, and you will be more than busy!!)

.....playing cards, and building a fort in the woods behind the house.

That is, starting to build a fort.

At which point, Chris was truly and firmly inducted into the family. He dropped a rock (at least 100 pounds) on his foot and ended up in the ER.

Going to the ER in Montrose is another family tradition. Our corporate family chart in the teeny tiny Montrose hospital is bigger than all our charts put together in all the other hospitals in the US of A, I'm sure.

Chris is definitely now one of the family.

More reunion memories anon....


At 10:19 PM, Blogger TulipGirl said...

Hooray for reunions!

We're gearing up for a reunion of my Dad's side of the family in Colorado later this month. While most of the family has seen one another at weddings (which I've missed) this will be the first "official" reunion in 7 years. And it was 12 years after the previous one!

I'm looking forward to it greatly! Especially since most of the relatives haven't met my boys (except my youngest, who was a nursling and the only one of mine who made it to the last reunion.)

At 5:21 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

Jan, you do have a way with words. You've given me a return trip to the reunion! It was so special being together as the extended Renich/Torrey family again. Ahh, what memories, what memories from 2008. Thank you, too, for posting the pictures. Yes, even Chris and his foot. I pray that by now, following his surgery, he's doing much better.
Maybe some of us can meet again next summer at the cabin in the woods. :o)

Love ya lots,
You know who! :o)


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