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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthdays -- 2008

The kids' birthdays have all come and gone for 2008. Torrey's was first, on July 19. It was a big-un, her 30th. Chris made elaborate plans for a surprise birthday party complete with a menu to rival all.

BUT -- that was before the 4th of July accident to his foot. He spent Friday the 18th in surgery, so the party ended up being a rather small one of four -- Bob and I drove down as planned, but instead of Chris' wonderful eats we had take-out PF Changs and a Coldstone Creamery cake. All of a sudden, our gift of 30 wrapped gifts took on more significance. I think they would have paled in the face of 25 or so guests -- but with only four of us there, they made a big splash! (OK, so they were LITTLE presents. But Torrey is like my mom -- if you give her a pencil as a gift -- as long as it is wrapped, she thinks it is great stuff).

Tim's day was next, on August 9. He turned 24 -- and spent his birthday with some type of a "bug" (I won't elaborate for the sensitive who read these posts) -- the worst of which he has experienced since he went overseas -- including passing out when he got upin the middle of the night. A couple of days before that there was a rainstorm -- very unusual in his part of the world -- a very BAD rainstorm that absolutely pelted them for about 3 hours in the middle of the night. His discovery -- his roof is not rainproof....he spent the night filling up and emptying assorted pots, pans, and even cups. Because there is sewer system or drainage facility in his city he said it was pretty much of a mess for a couple of days -- one didn't know if one was stepping in rainwater or, um, other more unmentionable liquids....(remember, much of the transport of goods is done by donkey cart).

Two days later -- August 11, our Jill turned 34. I called to check and see how her day was going -- and she was spending it with Deven having premature labor. Oh joy. Contractions 10 minutes apart....I pulled out my old birthing center tricks and suggested a warm bath and a glass of wine to see if she could stop the contractions -- it IS after all, a bit too early for this baby to come. No alcohol of any sort in the house. But evidently the warm bath helped, because when I called back later that night, contractions had petered out.

Hmmmm. With all these great celebrations going on, I wonder what is going to happen on my birthday in less than two weeks?

At least we can be quite certain that I won't go into labor!!


At 8:57 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

Jan, thanks for the update even if it is a bit depressing. You said regarding Tim, "Because there is sewer system or drainage facility in his city he said it was pretty much of a mess for a couple of days...." No doubt you meant that there is no sewer system....:o( You see, I do read your blog.) ;o) Do keep us posted, especially regarding Jill and Laura.
You know who!!


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