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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Generally I hear from Tim via e-mail or Skype three or four times a week. Given that I am his mother, that's pretty good. Compared to the days when my grandparents went to China as missionaries in 1913 and communication was a good 3 months or so, this instantaneous communication has really spoiled missionary moms. Skype is a whole 'nuther experience -- I remember having to "talk" to Lao Lao (means "Old Old" or the mother's mother in Mandarin) and Granddaddy on those old reel to reel tape recorders to send to them when they were in Korea....

Anyway, here I am able to hear from my son via e-mail on a daily or nearly daily basis, and talk to him via Skype once a week or so, depending on my travel schedule.

So -- fast forward to the beginning of last week. I heard from Tim on Monday, but nothing Tuesday or Wednesday. On Wednesday I got an e-mail from Jen wondering if I had heard anything because, as a good "special friend" Tim e-mails her daily. Uh, no. Nothing.

OK, Fast Forward to Worry.

I didn't sleep Wednesday night. As is typical of my hyper-imagination, I had Tim abducted by terrorists (yes, there are some in his country), and thrown into prison -- and since no one knew how to get him out, he was languishing there with no help.

Um....I won't go into the vivid pictures that ran rampant through my mental theatre.

Moms and girlfriends worry. Dads don't.

"His internet is probably down." That was Bob's take.

"Yeah, he might be murdered and dismembered and all you can think of is that maybe the internet is down???"

Later that morning there was a voice mail on my cell phone.

"Hi Mama, it's Tim. Our internet is down. I'm going to a National Park for a couple of days, and will try and connect again on Saturday -- or go to an internet cafe if ours still isn't working.

OK -- so Bob was right. Again.

Doesn't matter. Next time there is something like this, my hyper-imagination will have developed something new and different for me to dwell on.

"Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not unto your own IMAGINATION!!"

Well, it SORTA says that.

But my imagination is beyond compare. Too bad it doesn't go so far as to write best sellers such as JK Rowling's imagination carried her.

Oh well. Most important -- Tim is fine. His internet is just down. That's all.


At 5:00 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

As I say, Gotta love the Bob!!! ;o)

At 7:26 PM, Blogger jennyzm said...

we met in November in WV at your training. I fully understand all this worrying you describe, as my brother is working in Afghanistan for the USDA, trying to teach folks how to grow food, who previously raised opium! I just keep reciting Psalm 46:10!

Jenny Morris, in Charleston, WV


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