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Friday, March 28, 2008

Taylor Tragedy Revisited

As I write this, I am watching NBC Dateline -- "The Twist of Fate" -- the story of the horrible Taylor van accident two years ago -- April 26, 2006.

The story touched me incredibly then -- as it does now. I will never forget waking up in a hotel room in Santa Barbara, seeing my cell phone blinking blue -- picking up the message from Tim... "I'm sure you have heard about the accident at Taylor -- just want you to know that I'm OK."

My Tim knows me well -- he would know immediately that I would wonder/assume that he had been involved (I've killed off all three of my children more than once in imagined tragedies when they don't get home in what I think "is time." (I'm all for 8:00 pm).

Anyway, tonight, Matt Lauer is recreating the entire story -- interviewing both families -- the story is not sensational -- but sensitive. And it is the most amazing story of the grace of God, the love of Jesus that has ever, in my experience, been on prime-time television.

Jesus has been glorified tonight.

It is an awful story -- I can't imagine being either of those sets of parents -- but had the girls not been confused -- this story would have never been told.

How will this story -- on the Today show, on Dateline, and, I understand, on Oprah -- impact Americans -- or people around the world?

Will it bring people to Jesus? If so....this tragedy will not have been in vain. And I think both families would agree....

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

This can be said about both families.

What an amazing testimony.

Thank you, Jesus


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