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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Critter Story....The End?

Never did catch any critters. Various critter guys came and went and pontificated as to what sort of animals we had. All agreed that at one point there were raccoons -- goodness -- the raccoon droppings and, um, odor -- are hard to miss. Most likely squirrels as well. But as to who was able to scamper into the cage, withdraw the entire bait (tin foil and all), and then shut the cage door behind him/her -- that's anyone's guess.

I figured since Wheaton College is less than 6 blocks from here, that it was most likely a college educated animal. Lots of those around.

Anyway, last Saturday, critter folk came and got rid of all the old insulation in the attic, put odor eater and flea stuff down, blew in new insulation, fixed all the holes and put a cap on the attic fan.

At 8:30 on Sunday night, someone came out to put a cap on the vents. Now -- 8:30 of a Sunday evening in the pitch black dark? Bob and I were dubious, but they insisted it was no problem.

About half hour later he came down and said he'd be back in a few days -- he needed a rope to be able to rappel down our roof. Rather steep pitch to it.

It's Thursday. We've not seen them.

But the roofer has been here, and we are going to be the proud possessors of new gutters and whatever comes with new gutters. A couple of entrances that critters can get in will also be fixed.

We hope.

And that, my friends, should be the end of the critters.

Should be.


At 6:04 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

I do hope that this is the end of the critters. Down here we take care of them with a few shotgun blasts!! But we are happy for the House Wrens to use our carport for nesting and hatching!! As for our squirrels, well they mostly build nests in the trees and have the run of the yard!! Thanks for your entertaining and enlightening posting. I loved the one about the cat. All the more reason not to own one or rather be owned by one!! ;o)


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