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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Squirrel Hunting...

My BIL, Rob AKA The Silver Fox, says that in the deep south they just use rifles....

Up heah in the Nawth, we have brooms. And "humane" traps. The traps are so humane that although we have had 5 of them here, we've never caught anything -- neither raccoons, squirrels, mice or -- whatever else we have living here.

The last trap was left on our roof several weeks ago, giving our neighbors great topics of conversation as to whether or not we had caught anything. No. Evidently squirrels don't like, or are too smart for the walnuts they put in there.

So, with Simon in the basement (just thought it was much easier to name him, and there is a certain resemblance to Simon Cowell -- not the least of which he wears the same fur every day -- rather like SC), Bob went on the roof to get the trap and see if we could accomplish what ABC Wildlife has not managed to do in the last -- oh, nearly three months.

First we had to figure out how it works. That wasn't easy. And I think the peanut butter sandwich that I left in the trap in bites is perfect for the mice. I left a sign pointing to the trap saying, "Simon -- really really good peanut butter sandwich, just for you...." but I think we are going to have to work on this a few more times before we get it right.

I think I need to slather something that is too big to get through the holes of the trap with peanut butter so that if Simon wants it, he'll actually have to get in the trap to get it.

I have some smokehouse almonds. I wonder if I should just put the can with a few almonds in the trap, add some peanut butter -- and see if it works....

Stay tuned.


At 10:27 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

Oh, Jan, I'm still laughing. I guess we shouldn't complain so much about our Palmetto Bugs, which is just a fancy name for cockroaches!! ;o) Good luck on your continued efforts to outfox those pesky critters. And, yes, I still say a rifle, or a really good Benjamin pellet rifle should do the trick. :o) By the way, we have lots of squirrels down here but for some reason they seem content to stay outside.


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