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Monday, August 21, 2006

Tim As Server

It's been awhile since we've been up to Weber Grill to see Tim. Last time actually was on Father's Day -- his fourth night of serving. So we decided that my birthday coming up on Friday was good enough reason to go, so we surprised him.

He met up with me at church -- Bob is teaching the 4-year-old Pandas for the summer, so I'm going alone -- then came home with us to do laundry and hang out for a bit (napping on the hammock, checking e-mail) before heading up to the restaurant.

After he left we called for a reservation for one of his tables at 4:30 to make it an early evening.

He's a GREAT server! His four tables were close enough together that I could overhear what he said at the table behind us. Whenever someone said "thank you," he said, "You're welcome." Melody to the ears. Not the dismissive, "no problem" that almost every other server I've ever had says. Puts my teeth on edge. I just hate it.

I also hate it at the end of the meal when the server says, "Do you need change?" or worse yet, "Do you want your change?" At that point, I'm generally tempted to tell them yes, bring it back, and leave them a dime. I don't, but...

Tim says, "I'll be right back with your change."


The food was really good. I got some skirt steak with a ginger-soy marinade, and Bob got the rib combo with brisket which was also delicious. Tim helped with a wine pairing (he took Wine 104 on Saturday -- he's missed 102 and 103, but has to take the test nevertheless so I asked him for some recommendations). He was able to tell me that the grapes for the Californian merlot I chose were grown at the same latitude as those grown in Bordeaux, France from whence cometh a lot of merlot.

I'm sure that was very nice. And I THINK I got it right.

We'll see how he does on his Wine Test, coming up this week.

We got a free dessert because of my birthday -- apple pie with cinnamon ice cream and a candle. Bob's choice. And delicious. No large grouping of servers singing an off key rendition of "happy happy happy birthday to you...."

Thank goodness.

Yes, we left him a nice tip -- AND -- $25 in cash so he could get another Weber Grill shirt.

Amazing how penurious the boy has gotten since he is now living on his own and having to face the realities of paying rent and utilities!!


At 5:38 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

"penurious" wow, what a word!! ;o) I was always impressed how your father seemed always to score excellent in the "Reader's Digest" how to increase your word power. :o)


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