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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My "Baby" is 22!

Timothy, at 6-4 is hardly a baby, but as a mom I reserve the right to call him that. Sorry Tim.

I'm in Indy, having finished up another Building Bridges group of talks -- given four times at three hospitals. So I'm at our "Ray of Sunshine Motel" for the night rather than being home celebrating with the boy.

Actually, we already celebrated by going out to dinner at a really nifty Brazillian sort of steakhouse. Tim's choice -- we had never been there, and it was sort of the last moment as it was just about the only day we knew we were going to be able to see him before Michael's wedding, his move into the apartment, my trip to Indy, and his working schedule...

Anyway, the restaurant had THE most amazing salad bar I've ever had the pleasure of perusing. The problem was that the main course is 14 different cuts of meat that the waiters bring on skewers, and slice bits of them off onto your plate. You have a little cardboard tag that you put on the green side if you want more meat, and on the red side if they are to slow down. It's all you can eat for both salad and meast, but... You don't want to eat too much salad as there is some amazing meat out there. Definately a treat for the Atkins crowd. Anyway, one price per person which they don't bother to tell you ahead of time. And, of course, we also had to have dessert. Bob DOES like his desserts....

Let me just say that we didn't realize we were going to be doing it, but we also celebrated my birthday dinner that night as soon as we saw the bill. Quite possibly my birthday for the next couple of years!

So anyway, I called The Timster on his cell phone (he's most likely at work), and Tobi & I sang him a rousing rendition of slightly off key Happy Birthday. Now that he has moved into his first apartment, I'm not sure how much or when I'm going to see him, but I rather pathetically offered the use of our laundry facilities if necessary -- both he and Grant are welcome to come to the Old Folks Home and do their laundry for free if necessary. Anything to see him periodically.

But Torrey has a gift for him, we have a couple of little things, Jill said she put something in the mail which should be there this weekend -- so perhaps we'll get him home for a bit.

For some reason this feels quite different than when he was off at Taylor.

I wonder if it has something to do with the sense that he really IS growing up.

I was, of course, amazingly grown up at 22.

Yeah, right.

But anyway, Happy Birthday Timothy -- Love you!!


At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Tricia said...

We did that, in Brazil no less. It was quite the experience!! But I did balk when they brought out beef heart - it was definitely recognizable, even if I wasn't sure of the Portuguese word. I passed on that one. Do they bring out heart in the American versions?

Happy (belated) birthday to Tim!

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Jan-the-MOB said...


No hearts in the American version fortunately. Or tongue either.




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