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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tim's "God-Sighting"

It's really fun to watch for "God-sightings." Sometimes they are little -- sometimes they are big. Sometimes they are those co-incidences that leave you shaking your head....

Tim just told us about one of those. We went over to the apartment to give him the rest of his birthday presents, a vase of mini carnations to brighten the place up, and to see how he and Grant had fixed it up -- all with "Early Mom's Attic" (or basement, as the case may be). Grant's parents provided a couch and chair, Bob and I gave a smallish entertainment center, a dining room table with two chairs, and a computer desk. And we both gave a lot of other odds and ends -- dishes, pots and pans, tupperware, flatware, and the like. Grant's mom loaded them up with some things from Costco, including a HUGE tin of nacho cheese dip -- unfortunately, nothing to dip in it, but I'm sure they'll find something. But I digress.

Back to Tim's God-sighting.

Friday night when he was working he had the patio and a party of 7. Most people don't pay much attention to the server other than to make sure he gets their order right and serves them swiftly and competently. This group, however, took some time to chat with him and asked him what he wanted to do other than work as a server. He told them about his plan to go to the mission field for a couple of years after candidate school. They asked him where he was thinking of going, and he told them either Northern Africa or the Middle East.

One of the people in the party was a young lady about Tim's age who had just gotten back from 6 months in one of the countries Tim is considering -- and who had been with the very team Tim has been communicating with -- the team Tim will stay with on his visit in October or November!!

They didn't have too much time to talk, but did exchange e-mail addresses so they can communicate further. The group was from the big conference of 15,000 attendees that was being held at Willow Creek this weekend....

What a God-sighting! It gave us goose bumps...

Oh -- and there was a God-gift too. Besides an appropriate tip when they paid the bill, they left a note on a plate -- "This is a small gift to put toward your missions adventure" along with $75.

Of all the restaurants in the Woodfield area -- of all the people to come into Weber Grill that night -- of all the servers there are at Weber Grill -- these folks hooked up with our Tim.

Truly a coincidence that could have only come from God.


At 9:17 PM, Blogger CuzNuz Ruth said...

God is awesome!!


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