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Friday, August 04, 2006

On the Road Again

The last trip to Indiana was on July 10 to speak in Batesville (home of the famous coffin-makers) on the 11th. It poured BUCKETS. One of those white-knuckle-praying-all-the-way drives on the assorted expressways. Apropro of nothing, the Beast's "check engine" light came on. It does that every one in a while, but it's a bit nerve wracking to continue to drive with that staring at you.

The lovely part about a trip to Indiana is that I get to spend the night with Torrey and Chris at the Dumpling -- hereby and henceforth renamed (for the time being) as the "Ray of Sunshine Motel".

"Beamer's Bungalow" also works, but I think I'll stick with the motel motif for as long as I'm guesting there on a semi-regular basis.

Our friends at J&C checked the Beast after I got home and pronounced her just fine -- reset the "check engine" light, and I was good to go.

Just got back from another trip to Indiana this morning -- this one started in New Castle where I stopped for gas and the -- yup -- you guessed -- check engine light came on again. What IS it about Indiana?

Also spoke in Anderson, Marion and Muncie. Fun being in Marion -- we ate at Applebee's in honor of Torrey & Timothy who both worked there. Joe says hi, Tim!

Once again we had an absolute deluge of rain -- twice -- once on the way from Marion to Muncie, and then again as I was getting off I69 to head to my favorite motel. Another white knuckling experience and this time it was raining so hard I missed the entrance to the subdivision.

Jill and Derrick gave me a GPS system for Christmas last year. I LOVE it! It's sorta like having a friend in the car telling me that in 1 mile I am to exit on the right onto I69 Souse. Or I65 Norse. Of course, occasionally she gets upset with me when I don't go the way she is suggesting. "As soon as possible, make a U-turn." "In 500 feet turn right." "Turn right."

I keep expecting her to say something along the lines of, "You idiot, I'm telling you the best way to go. If you aren't going to follow my directions, then I quit!" But she very patiently tries to readjust her "thinking" and get me back on track.

Too bad I'm not always as patient and flexible in my thinking as the nice lady that lives in my GPS system.

And I've dropped the Beast off at J&C who will, I hope, reassure me that the check engine light doesn't mean anything and we can take JanzLmo to southern IL tomorrow for the wedding of one of Tim's best friends, then back to IN on Monday -- where I will again get to stay at the best motel in IN on Wednesday night.


At 6:38 AM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

I'm told that the best solution for the check engine light is a piece of black electrical tape over it!!! ;o)


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