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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Country Club Casual

There was another benefit for Wellness Place the other night. It was a golf outing, followed by dinner and auction at a spectacular country club. Mind you, we (a) don't golf -- that is, I never have, and dearest Bobbert golfs about once every three or four years when he and Rob are together in Montrose, or Chris can entice him onto the links -- and (b) Country Club??

So, because he is Chairman of the Board, he thought we should attend the dinner at least. The invitation specified dress as "Country Club Casual." Oh joy. What does that mean? I polled my friends who polled their friends (none of us get out much). Someone at a meeting I attended suggested a pair of cute little capris with a nice tailored top and not too much jewelry. First of all, you have to understand that "cute" and "little" are not in my wardrobe. Finally my friend Carole and I decided that a nice pair of black slacks with sandals would do, and she would loan me a lovely peach colored silk jacket with cream colored tank top. Bob would wear a polo with khakis.

Truly the dress was cute little (mostly black) capris, with kicky little sandals, lots of (real) jewelry, and rich hair. You know rich hair when you see it. Mine looks rather ordinary. Not rich at all. And have you ever seen "kicky" sandals in a size 10 1/2? No, not recently you haven't.

But I did fit in for all that.

The food was spectacular! I would have been happy with just the hors d'ouevres -- particularly the little sushi-type rice rolls. But then they served an excellent filet with snappy green beans and swirled mashed potatoes. And a dessert to die for.

The auction? Not quite as much action on that as there was at the last outing in June, but still the Caribbean Adventure for 5 nights went for $8000, the fall baseball weekend in Boston for $6000, and a golfing extravaganza for $5000 (in Palm Desert, no less). The best though was donated by the auctioneer himself -- a "Lucy" beanie baby in a real cardboard, Versace box (donated by his wife). It was very funny -- and went for $1600!! Anything for charity.....

We sat, smiled, chatted up the folks at our table, and didn't bid.

This is certainly a different world than I'm living in!

The next benefit we have to go to is for DuPage Senior Citizens, and I think it is at the Brookfield Zoo. At least I'll know what to wear around the lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!


At 5:17 PM, Blogger An Ami in Berlin said...

This reminds me of the time I was invited to see a special art showing at the language school I was tutoring at. My friend Manuela and I hung out, got ourselves invited to an impromptu birthday celebration afterward by the owner of the school, and sat chatting with the artist, who turned out to be some wealthy tycoon, along with all the other bigwigs. "The Ritz in Paris?" I said, a bit affected for Manu's benefit, "haven't stayed there yet. How does it compare with the Ritz in Madrid? Their food is devine . . ." (I was at the Ritz for a wedding YEARS ago . . .) Riding home on the streetcar, Manuela and I laughed and laughed at our night out pretending to be in a class neither of us are! What you never suspect about missionaries . . .

At 9:52 AM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...


At 9:30 AM, Blogger Jennifer Shimmel said...

Wow! I knew I liked you because of many commons bonds but OUR shoe size really cements it!!!


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