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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Wedding Bells...

....rang yesterday for Michael and Kelli. Michael is one of Tim's best friends -- they've known each other kindergarten and been close friends since middle school. Living down the street from us, I think Tim might have spent nearly as much time at Michael's house as he spent at home!

Tim was one of the two best men. Sam was the other one -- Sam is another best friend -- the three of them made up a triumverate named by Michael as the "Nine-Day" Club. Michael is oldest of the three -- his birthday is July 31, nine days older than Tim whose birthday on August 9. Sam comes in as the youngest (and tallest at 6-7) with a birthday on August 18.

The 9-day club -- Samuel, Timothy & Michael.

It was great fun watching Tim and Sam in action -- they made up a good portion of the entertainment during the dancing. Tim said his goal was to make sure Michael had a good time -- I'm sure he did!

Although the wedding was in Litchfield, southern IL (about 60 miles from St. Louis), several lifetime friends were there -- kids who have been together in school together since kindergarten. It was amazing to see them with Mrs. Andrews, the then principal of Longfellow Elementary School. She started with the children in kindergarten and left when they did at the end of 5th grade.

In a mobile society such as ours, this was a particularly heart-warming picture.

God's blessings on you, Michael and Kelli as you begin your new life together!

Who's destined to be next????


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