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Thursday, March 30, 2006

One Wedding and A Reunion

What an amazing weekend! The Bob and I left for Jackson, MS for his first "vacation" from job hunting (hey -- he's on that, 40+ hours a week!!) last Thursday. We will not discuss crowded airplanes or the sheer delight of middle seats less we distract from the point of this blog -- but we WILL mention the sheer audacity of Northwest Airlines to charge -- oh my, I just can't believe it -- $15 -- that is, FIFTEEN DOLLARS for an aisle seat!!! Not that I actually got an aisle seat on Delta -- no, I did with the middle, but counted myself very lucky to have gotten a seat at all, given that when I went to choose our seats -- there weren't any. But I've been there, done that in a previous post, so -- on with the weekend!!

First of all, I have the most wonderful family in the entire world. Two sisters, two brothers in law, one brother, one sister in law, assorted nieces and nephews, cousins and children of cousins...and of COURSE, my own dearest family...Jill, Derrick and The Grandbaby, Deven; Torrey and Chris -- the MC; Timothy -- AKA Timo, the 6-4 college senior.... AND -- My Bobbert. DH of nearly 36 years.

So -- any excuse for a family reunion...

Robbie and Tina's wedding was the consummate excuse. We had a wonderful time. I will say, however, that I have NEVER gotten lost as many times as we did over the weekend. Case in point: Rehearsal dinner at Resevoir Pointe. No problem -- Mapquest will take us there. Uh -- well, maybe not quite. "Right on Breakers for 0.2 miles, left on something or other ...." If the headlights hadn't been on we would have ended up IN the resevoir. "Road Closed" "Do not enter" -- made it a bit tough to find where we were supposed to be, but eventually (oh, thank the Lord He invented cell phones!!) we got there. Since we went the wrong way to get to our hotel to begin with, this was actually the second "lost." We found the church for the wedding -- we got lost IN the church. I mean, who would expect the wedding to be held in a church that had no roof on the sanctuary. (It wasn't in the sanctuary -- it was in the gym which was decorated beautifully). We also got hopelessly lost on the way to the absolutely gorgeous home of friends of Rosie & Rob's in Brookhaven after the wedding where we gathered for dinner....My vote: Make street signs big enough so OLD people can read them....

Anyway. It seemed hard to believe that we were actually at Robbie and Tina's wedding...with Our Wedding not quite 4 months behind us. The rehearsal dinner was especially poignant -- just a short 17 months before at Helen Clare's rehearsal dinner -- there was no Chris for our Torrey; there was no Tina for our Robbie. Lesson:

1. God answers prayer -- amazingly and when you least expect it.
2. God answers prayer -- in His timing.

(Remind me of this when I get discouraged about the job hunt).

One of the best parts of the entire weekend was catching up with the most wonderful and amazing Gen X kids. Mine, Rosie's, Lyn's, and Maren & Pierce -- daughter and son of my cousin Arlo (I'll share the pancake story one of these days...not to be missed). My cousin David and his wife Katie were there from Maryland. Arlo came from London (as did Helen Clare and Adam) and Pierce from Tokyo. An international wedding -- though Rob considers us "northerners" international as well (he's still fighting the Civil War, bless his peapickin' little heart). And catching up with Rob's family!! They are so special too....Nonnie -- Rob's mother -- is Nonnie to us all.

And now it is Thursday of the Week After The Wedding. Robbie & Tina are on their honeymoon in Teluride, our Tim is in Dry Torguas for spring break, Torrey & Chris are hard at work in Indy, Jill & Derrick are interviewing for jobs in Naples, FL, (while Bob is interviewing for jobs here...), Helen Clare and Adam have left for London; Liz Anne is back at Covenant College, Reuben at Mississippi College, Lyn & Tim are on their way back to Montrose after stopping at a few more places to visit their supporters, Rosie has a few more days off before starting back as a school nurse, Rob is preparing his sermon for Sunday, Rick & Susan, David & Katie are at their usual jobs, Bob is job hunting, and I'm preparing to do a 6 day course next week. AND looking forward to Torrey & Chris coming for a visit this weekend.

Can't have enough of my kids!

Meanwhile, we all have a glow that comes with spending time with family that you love.

And Helen Clare has started her own blog to keep folks up to date on what is happening to "A Southerner in London."

Don't forget to visit Torrey's Blog as well to see life from the viewpoint of the MC:


At 7:52 PM, Anonymous CuzNuz Ruth said...

Thanks, Jan. Can't wait to hear more stories that come out of that weekend. What a precious time you all had. And family reunions are wonderful, even when it wasn't that long ago that you had at least a partial one. Thanks for passing HelenClare's site on.

At 9:47 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

WOW, Jan...what a great post! You covered all the bases and said it better than anyone could. Yes, it was a wonderful and wonderfilled time together. We are still basking in the glow of our memories of being with everyone. We had supper tonight with the newlyweds who are newly returned from their honeymoon in Colorado. They had lots of snow and some fun stories to recount with us.

Love ya lots,
You know who! ;o)


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