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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentines Day and Parties

Last week when I was in Charlotte teaching a 6 day lactation consultant preparation course, I picked up a phone message from our across-the-street neighbors. "We're having a "turn the lights off" party on the 14th -- can you and Bob come?"

It seems that there are several families in our immediate neighborhood that have made a pact to keep their Christmas lights up until Valentine's Day -- hence the "Turn the lights off" party.

In years gone by we've gotten the Christmas porch lights off, but usually left the window candles on until well into the new year. This year we busily got everything down on New Year's Day -- except for the Christmas tree which we left up until the 2nd. So I wasn't sure how we qualified for the party except that, well, we are part of the neighborhood.

What a fun idea! Since Bob was recently divested of his job (more about that in another post) we certainly weren't going to spend any $$ on V-Day -- and truth be known, neither of us are as creative as The Beamer in pulling off an amazing V-Day for the beloved (see Torrey's blog: for more detailed info).

So we went across the street -- a bunch of neighbors gathered for great food, fun and fellowship -- it was a good time to get to know each other a bit better, meet their new little daughter from China (they just finished celebrating the Chinese New Year), and of course, enjoy the coziness of their home, built circa 1928 (a mere youngster compared to our home of 1898).

And now, all the C'mas lights in our neighborhood are off -- waiting for next year -- and we'll save Valentine's Day for another neighborly get together and a Turn the Lights Out party.


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