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Saturday, March 04, 2006

On Conferences and Family

Got home last night from speaking at a conference in Appleton WI. There were about 330 people there -- many more turned away as the ballroom couldn't hold them all. This is an incredibly well done conference -- Wisconsin Association of Lactation Consultants -- and they do it yearly. This was my second time to speak, and I had a wonderful time! First of all, one of the other speakers is a dear friend of mine, so just being with her was a treat. Secondly I got to meet (in person -- we've communicated by e-mail), Harvey Karp, author of the wildly popular book, "Happiest Baby on the Block" (also Happiest Toddler....haven't read that one...what I need is one entitled "Happiest College Senior...." and "Happiest Unemployed Husband...." since I already have the "Happiest MCs...")

But I digress. The conference committee was stellar, and let me tell you, they know how to treat a speaker! We were wined & dined and pampered. It was lovely.

Let me put in a plug for Appleton and the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel as well -- Appleton is SMOKE FREE!!! That is a BIG deal. And the hotel is extremely nice. Good food -- the coffee served at our buffet breakfast on Friday was outstanding. There's a Starbucks in the hotel -- more about that in a minute.

A real super treat was meeting up with my cousin Ruth -- whom, she pointed out -- I've not seen since 1968 at the occasion of her brother Bruce's wedding. Ruth is a first cousin on my father's side -- Daddy had 9 brothers and sisters, most of whom were rather prolific in the offspring department, so I have -- many first cousins. Lots and lots and lots. Ruth is a master at keeping us all together through her monthly "Cuz Nuz" a beautifully done newsletter that contains all the news the family sends her. I've not attended a family reunion since the summer between my junior and senior years in nursing school, so don't really know too many of my kith and kin on that side. We are hoping to remedy that by attending this year's reunion in Kansas.

Anyway, Ruth and I had coffee in the Starbucks -- I had a capuccino, she had tea -- and we talked non-stop for 45 minutes until I had to head off for the meeting. The music playing in the Starbucks was Chris Tomlin, a wonderful Christian singer -- we were so surprised -- and very pleased.

Family is good. More about our extended "Life Group" family here in Wheaton in the next blog...

And I didn't even get lost going OR coming home!


At 11:14 PM, Anonymous CuzNuz Ruth said...

Now aren't you sweet. That sure was a super time. Blessing to you.


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