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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another Weekend with the MC

Ahhh....I'm spending another weekend with the MC. They are SO forbearing to have the MOB-MIL down yet again....

I finished lecturing in Lafayette IN yesterday afternoon, and after dropping Linda at the Indy airport to go back to Charlotte, hung out at Panera (the MC's former study spot) until Chris got home from work.

Now I'm huddled up on their brand new couch which was just delivered this afternoon. Chris is next to me looking again at the powerpoint I did for their wedding. Torrey is doing the cooking tonight and refused my offer of help. (She just refused again -- just for the record). We've had appetizers -- stilton cheese with cranberries and Dubliner (Trader Joe's) with crackers and Fuji apples (they've converted me from Red Delicious) and a bit of Two Buck Chuck.

Last night we went to Toby and Celise's for dinner and met Booker (age 5), Hannibal (age 13) and Nile (age 14). Kim and Eric were there too (Toby and Eric were groomsmen in The Wedding of the Decade) was fun to get caught up, and as Toby said, "break bread with the family." I can't think of anything better than spending an evening with family and friends -- what was really amazing was getting to know Chris' "brotha from anotha motha" a bit better. Such stories and laughter. Toby told one about a practical joke he played on Best Man Brad that will be incorporated into my lactation lectures!!

This morning Torrey and I hit the mall for my new addiction -- Barnies' flavored coffees. And of course, we ran into a sale at LS Ayers and hit the shoe section big time. Ladies' Day out culminated in groceries from Trader Joe's (hence the Dubliner & Stilton) and Meijer for tonight's dinner...

As to the MC? I'm still completely enjoying watching them enjoy each other. It's been nearly 3 months (can it be?) and their love for one another is so evident.

They could give lessons in how MCs should treat one another.

I'm taking notes...


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