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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Birthday Surprises

The DB (dearly beloved) is having one of the major milestone birthdays tomorrow I'll leave it to you to figure out just which one it might be. Given that he REALLY doesn't look his age, perhaps you'll think he's 10 years younger than he is....

That said, I was wracking my brain trying to come up with a suitable birthday surprise for him. We aren't much for Big Birthday Bashes around here, so inviting 60 of his nearest and dearest friends just wouldn't cut it. Besides -- we just did The Wedding Extravaganza....

What would he enjoy the very most? Having all his children together. So I rallied the forces and for the past month or so, this has NOT been on the calendar. But I've been on e-mail and phone -- "Can you come? Do you think you can make it? DON'T say a WORD to Daddy -- I want it to be a big surprise."

And surprise it was. First to arrive were the MC, coming in after work at about 8:30 on Friday night. Torrey called -- "We're just passing the school. Make sure the back door is unlocked." In my excitement, I promptly locked it and then went back to toggle between the Olympics and James Bond.

Within minutes, the MC burst into the living room yelling, "Surprise!! Happy Birthday!" Bob was completely taken aback -- yes, he was surprised.

The Timster got in around 2:45 am, coming in to tell me hi -- but of course, the DB slept through the whole thing. Saturday morning he was up before I was, and saw Tim's car in the driveway.

Jill, Derrick & Deven arrived around 4:30 for our birthday dinner which was at 6:00. Fortunately, Bob's favorite meal is one of the three I can cook (T'giving/C'mas turkey dinner, pot roast with carrots, rice & gravy, and oyster-sauced chicken wings). He opted for the pot roast which is also Chris' favorite of mine (granted, his experience is rather limited), Torrey's second favorite, and Tim's first favorite. Hold the gravy.

Potted tulips and hyacinths from Jill, a little book on growing old from his sister, a book on "Regrettable Menus" from me (many of which could have been mine), a polo shirt and shorts, and a clock from Hammecher-Schlemmer which projects the temperature and time on the ceiling for those of us that are eyesight challenged.

Torrey & Chris' gift is coming, but I'm being a good doobie and not spilling the beans -- not even here, lest the DB read this....

Torrey and Chris left early this morning to stop by the hospital and visit new niece Molly -- born yesterday to Chris' sister Stephanie. Tim was going to leave later in the day, but this afternoon called with the rather distressing news that his car was draggin' anchor -- that is, the exhaust pipe and muffler were not in their optimal spot....hence a visit to the Muffler Man early tomorrow before heading back for school.

As birthday surprises go, I think it was the best. After all, I can't think of anything better than having my kids all together at home.

So just who was this birthday bash for? Well, DB might have received the gifts, but I think we both received The Gift!!


At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Jan, I think you pulled one for your DB, just as good as Chris'. And to think it came off, surprise and all. Congratulations. And happy Birthday to Bob. By the way, maybe you don't get many comments but you sure have a bunch of relatics that enjoy your writings!
Cuz Nuz Ruth


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