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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Wedding Warriors

At least that is what it feels like! The EC just left a couple of hours ago after being here for a whirlwind weekend of wedding planning. It was rather nice crossing things off the 6 page to do list this afternoon after church and before heading for the Wedding Expo at a nearby hotel. More about that in the next blog.

Saturday morning we met w/ the florist again for some more specifics on bouquets, corsages, church decorations and what not. Fortunately the church will be decorated for C'mas, so we can keep that to a minimum which will reduce those costs considerably. Chris says he isn't terribly fussy about the boutonnieres -- he just doesn't want anything "fluffy."

OK, the boutonnieres won't be fluffy. None of us are quite sure what he means, but are grateful for any input, so no fluffiness.

On to the printer to order the invitations/response cards/informal notes. Chris and Torrey had picked out what they wanted ahead of time -- we just had to nail down how many to order (225), the font (ENG & CIT), and what we were going to say. Of course, after we gave our scribbled notes to Christine (one of "my" moms), I realized we had forgotten some very pertinent information on the response cards -- like -- "unable to attend." I had visions of getting 175 yeses back and -- nothing else. So I have the changes all done, and will run them over there tomorrow. Now to figure out how to address envelopes on the computer.

Up to the reception hall to check out what they had for table centerpieces -- not bad -- but $12/table? I'm thinking we might put 10 at a table instead of 8. We'll see. Meanwhile, with their "package" they get "bud vase flowers." I forgot to ask what that means. A bud vase with a fake flower? A bud vase with no flower? A flower with no bud vase? I'm feeling incredibly stupid right about now. Meanwhile, the person we are working with is very unhappy that we put "Reception following the ceremony" on the response cards. "Following? How is anybody going to know when to come?" I figured that was easy -- you came after the ceremony was over and the bride and groom had hopped into their car and honked away....didn't seem like brain surgery to me. But apparently it was. What if they didn't come to the ceremony, she wanted to know. How would they know when to come to the reception? Chris asked exactly what I was thinking -- why would you come to the reception if you didn't come to the wedding??? I mean, the important part of this day is the wedding itself -- not the party that comes afterwards. But apparently we live in sort of a church bubble in which everyone comes to the wedding FIRST. But to appease her, I'm changing the wording of that piece of it too. Reception at six 'o clock. I'm presuming most folk will realize it is 6 pm and not am. And make sure we say the WEST NICOLE ENTRANCE. Heaven forbid people come in the wrong door. Apparently Torrey & Chris have their own entrance to their banquet hall.... Of course, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed (not me, folks) says, "There is no right or wrong...."

We keep pointing that out to each other. "There is no right or wrong....."

Bob hasn't gone w/ us to experience this yet. I think he needs to....

Is it time for Valium yet?

We drop Chris off at the house to help Bob pull weeds. I think by this time he's rather glad for some sort of mundane job like pulling weeds. Torrey and I head to David's Bridal to look for veils. No luck. I do mutter to the women at the cash register that I don't understand why they don't have a MOB catalogue. It would only have to come out twice a year -- SummerFall/WinterSpring. Sorta like the Indian princess on the Howdy Doody Show. Of course, most MOBs are now younger than I am, so they probably wouldn't get it. Both women agree with me, and say that someone oughta do it. They are slightly younger than I am, but look MOBish. Of course, they may be chortling behind my back, but we keep in mind that the customer is always right.

I look at MOB dresses. They LOOK like MOB dresses. Nothing in a brilliant royal purple that befits a person of my stature. (Think size, not prestige here).

We get home after stopping at the grocery store for ingredients for a 7 layer salad to go with the steaks that are in the fridge. Chris is lounging at the bistro table in the back yard reading "The Ragamuffin Gospel" by Brennan Manning -- one of my favorites. He's dutifully helped his future FIL weed and clean out the garage attic and gotten a small refrigerator out of the deal.

I see another dumpster in our future.

My birthday gift from the EC is "Trivial Pursuit -- the Book Lovers Edition." It's WONDERFUL, and I love it. Just no one will play it with me. Our best laugh for the night -- and one that will live in family lore is when Chris misreads a question as someone is "mosquitoed" instead of "misquoted."

Henceforth and anon, we all hope to not be mosquitoed....


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