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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Over the hump...

Tobi & The Beamer have now been engaged just a hair longer than they have days yet until the wedding. I suppose that makes it over the hump and on the down side of counting. Torrey said today, "I'm so excited! I just can't WAIT! I'm ready to be MARRIED!" And that is as it should be.

Meanwhile, yesterday was the First Grandchild's first birthday. I was in Evansville IN doing a conference so couldn't see him -- but the birthday party will be here on Saturday. Thirty people. I do hope it doesn't rain, which is probably the first time I've hoped for no rain in two months.

If you are going to get a rental car to drive someplace make sure you get cruise control. Trying to drive up and down I-57 without cruise control, and without putting the petal totally to the metal is difficult at best. Not to mention makes one's foot cramp. I learned that you don't get cruise control unless you get a "standard" sized car. I didn't know they came in so many sizes -- and I'm not sure I can figure out the difference most of the time. For example, what is the difference between economy and compact? Or intermediate and standard? Luxury I know -- I wasn't getting one of those! But what's the difference between standard and full size? I had a 2006 pretty red Saturn with a CD player -- but no cruise control -- because that was only an intermediate. But did I know that? Nope, not until I drove 765 miles.... Sigh.

Anyway, I'm excited about celebrating the First Grandchild's birthday on Saturday. My brother and his fiancee are coming in from Detroit -- that will be wonderful! Tim, of course, is still in Ireland, and the EC won't be able to make it, much to our distress.

Here is the First Grandchild. I'm sure I'll have some pictures to post after The Birthday Party.

Had to post this just to prove that not only am I a MOB, I'm also a Grammy....


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