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Monday, August 08, 2005

First Grandson's Party

Deven's first birthday party was on Saturday. Weather was gorgeous, sunny and not too terribly hot. First time in weeks that I've prayed for it to NOT rain!! There were about 8 (mostly) babies here -- a couple of older kids, and lots of parents. Major disappointments: my brother and his lovely fiancee were unable to come from Detroit, and Tobi & The Beamer couldn't come either. As it was, Torrey had a PINK promo to do -- PINK is the new Red Bull sort of drink -- a diet energy drink. Torrey is Miss Pink -- which is a hoot, as pink used to be her least favorite color.

But they are coming this next weekend -- and hopefully we will get a few more items crossed off The List. We plan to order the invitations and decide on the flowers. There's also a wedding Expo at one of the hotels near here on Sunday afternoon which we are going to go to. That oughta be fun -- tasting wedding cakes if nothing else!!

Anyway, back to the party. Deven is the happiest little guy. He's such a joy to have around. He's nearly ready to walk -- of course, we've been saying that for the last 3 weeks -- he'll take a couple of steps, but that's it. We were all commenting on how much easier it is to have an adult conversation now than it was even 4 or 5 months ago....and also how easily we adults are entertained by this little guy! Jill had purchased more food than we could ever consume. Derrick was able to take some of it to the ER staff at Rush -- we had that much left over -- not to mention Bob and I have had leftovers for two nights now -- Italian sausage and Italian beef and chopped chicken salad. It's been great.

A pipe in our radiator broke, and we have a guy here from the heating and cooling company to fix it. Unfortunately it is going to take more time than he has -- he said he has to go look for flowers tonight for his wedding -- he's getting married September 11. I suspect he won't forget his anniversary either! I told him as long as he could turn off the water so it wouldn't leak any more, fixing the pipe could wait -- getting flowers for the wedding was most important. And I'm quite grateful this is August and not January!! Hmmm -- he's getting married in a month and he doesn't have flowers yet? Maybe we aren't as behind as I thought we were....

Tomorrow is the first son's 21st birthday. He's going to be celebrating in Dublin. Thursday is the first daughter's 31st birthday. In just over two weeks is my birthday -- but we won't mention which one.

We certainly do August well. Too bad the birthstone is that insipid green....


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