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Monday, July 18, 2005

The List...

After reading several MOB books, I decided that the "short list" (only two pages in 10 point type) wasn't extensive enough. I'm an invererate Type A listmaker anyway. So I spent part of yesterday and this morning revising it into categories (Church, General Stuff to Do, Rehearsal, Music, Flowers, Cake -- you get the picture). Oh oh, just remembered I forgot to include Photographer (sorry, Barry!). It is now 5 full pages in 10 point type, and after I put in the stuff about the photographer it will probably leak over into the 6th page.

You'll be glad to know that under "Honeymoon" I did put "YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!"

Lots of it has been done already -- but there are still many decisions that have to be made, questions to ask, and things to purchase.

I think the MOB books are making me more nervous, not less. Especially when I read the reception menu in one of them:

Hors d'oeuvres:

Maryland lump crab cakes served with remoulade dipping sauce
Coconut-encrusted shrimp with persimmon dipping sauce
Smoked buffalo mozzarella and roasted peppers on a crouton with basil chiffonade
Walnut brie tarts
Sliced steak on brioche

Hey -- forget the entree, just bring on the little goodies! But they didn't. Here's the rest:

Salad course:

Lettuce bouquet in a cucumber vase with a goat cheese medallion, caramelized walnuts, and raspberries.

I've never seen a cucumber vase -- nor had the privilege of eating one!

Main course:

Chicken with cornmeal and coriander crust with black bean mango salsa, three-pepper slaw with chipotle dressing and vegetables.


White chocolate case with fresh strawberries, white chocolate mousse, and white chocolate buttercream frosting in a simple basket weave pattern.

Comment: it's this sort of stuff that is makes me wonder what on earth I'm doing. I don't plan shindigs, parties or anything else. My idea of something good to make for dinner is reservations. I'm in a sweat for days before our Life Group comes over for Bible study and I have to have dessert. The soda and coffee I have down pat. It's the dessert that flummoxes me. Fortunately Dump Cake is always a good choice when I'm frantic.

Anyway, I e-mailed the list to Torrey and have decided that the best thing to do is whatever they ask me to do rather than me trying to decide what would be best for me to do.

It is THEIR wedding, after all.

138 more days. But who's counting?


At 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for the intrusion. I saw the link from your Lactnet signature.:-)

I think the weddings are as much of a celebration to the whole family, especially the parents, as it is for the couple. This is a custom in many cultures, and even in the US parents get to invite their friends to their children's weddings.

Natalie Wilson

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous Jen @ 1 Mother of the Bride said...

Wow, your daughter was lucky to have you help with organising. And you realised that the wedding is mostly about what SHE wants, which is a tough thing for most moms to do.

As a fellow listmaker, I admire you making lists to help organise everything - the only way to make sure you're not spending all your sleeping hours worrying about it!


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