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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And the List Goes On...

Here's the Groom 2 B in his finery with niece Laura and nephew Deven at Reuben's wedding in Mississippi....

Left a message with the person I'm hoping will be our caterer for the dessert reception on July 30. Left a second message with two restaurants in Montauk to chat with them about the rehearsal dinner. Made the guest list. Which is double the number -- both of invitations and potential attendees -- than I told Susan originally. I'm sure it must be Tim's fault. He says, "no problem." But then what does he know? As I pointed out on Facebook, he's only the groom.

Got Tim's suit. Slight problem there -- they were going to have to order it from their catalogue -- didn't have the right size or style pants (NO PLEATS!), and they didn't have the jacket in the right size either. Tim needs a 40 extra long, but evidently you are not allowed to be an extra long unless you are at least a 44. You could fit two Tims in a 44. The tailor said he thinks he can give us another inch on the sleeves. Salesman said, "no problem getting the suit in -- will be here in 3 to 5 business days." I said, "Problem. Tim leaves the country on Thursday and won't be home until 2 weeks before the wedding." Tailor said, "No problem. We can get it done." Type A personality Jan who wants everything done in a timely fashion is still muttering, "problem, problem." Especially since we won't have the swatches of material to send the groomsmen so they can get jackets in a similar color. At least for a while.

I did tell him it was just a bit more fun getting the girl's wedding dresses than deciding between a navy and a charcoal suit. On the other hand, I'd rather shop for a suit with Tim than have, say, a root canal.

He got a couple of white shirts. They actually look fabulous. And if he is going to wear a tie (he is), then he needs a 15 1/2-36.

Where am I going to find a shirt that size in a regular shop? You aren't allowed to be a 36 in sleeve length unless you are an 18 in the neck. The shirt he got with his tux for Reuben's wedding had sleeves that were made for an orangutan. They came past the tips of his fingers. I was wishing for the old fashioned garters men used to wear around their upper arms so we could adjust the sleeves, but I didn't even have a rubber band.

With all the focus on obesity in the US of A, you think the least they could do is make clothes easier to get for the tall and slender. OK, extra tall and skinny.

Dressing the girls was never like this....


At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds so familiar--Tim's the same shape as our boys! You're right--in clothing, they aren't "allowed" to be extra long unless they are also extra wide!
Sue R.

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, stumbled on your blog--my daughter is planning her wedding for October. My son is also tall and skinny and we have had good luck with both Land's End and Men's Wearhouse so I hope that helps you in your quest.

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At 2:55 PM, Blogger Lisa Mark said...

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