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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MOG Duties -- Not So Much Yet

So far, as the MOG, I've not done much. We have our rooms booked at The Crow's Nest, and that is about it. Oh. I've made a list. Finally dawned on me that I probably needed to do that as I am a very listy person -- added it to my current list of things to do which incorporates all sorts of other things as well -- books I want to read, birthdays and anniversaries, upcoming speaking, a year long calendar to just list things I know are pending....and even a list of "things to do when there is nothing to do" which includes updating our will.

Anyway, I know Susan is working much harder than I am on this event. In fact, she even has to help choose the place of the rehearsal dinner, which is turning out to be a bit more problematic than we originally thought. I'm sure the perfect place will come through though....Tim wants it casual. I'm sure he'd love it if we could replicate Jill's at Pal Joeys with plenty of pizza.

But I don't think there is a Pal Joeys in the East Hamptons!

I do have the Commons reserved for a dessert reception for the MC (married couple) -- currently they are just the EC -- engaged couple on July 30 when they get back from their honeymoon. It will give them a chance to meet folks here in Wheaton that aren't able to make it to the coast for the wedding. I should probably start thinking about getting a caterer for that -- Diane at the church gave me a few suggestions. So my pink file folder, tucked between the color printer and "Breastfeeding and Human Lactation" is getting fuller.

Meanwhile, this weekend is Reuben & Albrey's wedding in Jackson, MS. I'm excited about that as the entire family (nearly) will be there. Jill is coming with Deven & Laura (Derrick has to work), Torrey & Chris will be there, Tim is in the wedding, and Lyn and I are going to set out luminaria for the rehearsal dinner. Reuben is 5 months older than Tim. It is only fitting he get married 5 months earlier than Tim. I'm looking forward to meeting his bride. And looking forward to seeing my sisters -- and my brother if he is able to come, along with all my nieces & nephews. It's going to be a great family reunion.

Wish Annabel could be with us.


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