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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Timster is HOME!

Well, he's been home for awhile....since July 1, actually. But for some reason it seems as though my blogging time has been taking up by that other time-consumer, Facebook. So, the blog has been sadly neglected.

It has been wonderful having him home, and he seems to have made the transition fairly smoothly. Things like air conditioning (not that we have needed it very much), microwaves, long hot showers, fast internet, regular electricity and refrigeration have been very welcome. He's not missing the sandstorms and flies, the dearth of a toilet in his house -- especially in the middle of the night (!!), the pallet on the floor of his little cement hut that was his bed for the last 18 months or the holes in his roof so when it did rain, everything turned to mud. Sanitation too is just expected here -- there, not so much. He doesn't miss the food -- the camel hump, the sheeps' unmentionables, the goat. And he's learning all over again how to eat slowly and savor the food (even his mother's cooking which isn't something that particularly warrants savoring!)

He's been busy, and his first week at home has gone by quickly. Lots of friends to see and catch up with -- lots of places to go and things to do.

We too have enjoyed having him here -- sitting out on the deck, enjoying a leisurely dinner and just chatting before he runs off to see someone else. Last night we were discussing some of the things he wants to talk about when he speaks at College Church on August 30. I've been making a mental list of some things that he "just can't forget!!" Guess I better put things down on paper for him. It's so easy to think of them now, but will he remember them all in 6 weeks if we don't write them down?

-- The daily prayer times their entire team had together -- DAILY -- for at least an hour a day, with two hours on Wednesday and an evening prayer time on Thursdays. No wonder they were seeing so much fruit in that area!

-- The Marabout (Islamic teacher) that wondered aloud to Tim why "followers of Jesus" would leave everything behind and come and live with them to feed, teach, and care about the little boys from the desert

-- The differences between the Puulars and the Moors

-- What "incarnational living" is all about and how it impacts the lives of the people around them

-- The men he became close to and discipled as a "shadow pastor"

-- The deep relationships he developed there. Americans don't have such deep relationships. We don't spend much time just listening. Africans are very good at listening. Especially just sitting quietly, listening to God

There is more, much more, and I'm sure things will come out over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, he's gearing up to go away again -- three weeks or thereabouts in Thailand in August for their every-four-year international conference and some traveling.

What's next? At this point, only the Lord knows for sure, and so far, He isn't telling!!


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