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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell to 2009

Not that I've posted much in said 2009. I've already blamed Facebook for taking up too much time. And then there is Jewel Quest III. I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually periodically play this really dumb computer game. At least my friend Linda relaxes with something a bit more erudite like Mahjong. I can't seem to get past level 2 on level 2. Very frustrating!!

But my "resolution" for 2010 is to blog more and Quest less.

And this year I'll definitely have something to blog about! You notice that this is the "Mother of the Bride Spot." Well, while I'm not going to change the name of it, it will now become the "Mother of the Groom Blog."

In Wheaton -- Before

Well, I THINK I'll have something to blog about. Maybe not. The mother of the groom traditionally wears beige and duct tape. Maybe I could wear beige duct tape?

So perhaps I won't have too much to say.

This much I can report:

1. Engagement took place on the beach in East Hampton on Christmas Eve.

In East Hampton -- After

2. Wedding date still to be decided.

3. Groom headed for home and then on to Portland OR New Years Day.

4. Bride headed for Jordan tomorrow. That's 10 time zones apart, in case you are remotely interested.

5. That leaves the MOB on the east coast and the MOG in the midwest to do whatever MOBs and MOGs do.



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