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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Goodbye Christmas, 2009

Yesterday we took the tree down, put the ornaments away, put all the rest of the decorations in the basement, and pulled apart the 1000 piece puzzle that Torrey, Chris, Bob and I put together over Christmas weekend.

Today all the Christmas dishes were put away. BUT this year -- something new. Life is too short to save the "good" dishes so I moved the Christmas dishes into the china cabinet in the dining room, and instead of putting out the inexpensive stoneware we had been using, I got out what we purchased nearly 40 years ago as our wedding china.

Actually, it isn't the wedding china I CHOSE. I only got two salad plates of that. It's one Bob and I picked out well after the wedding, and it has been put to good use every time we eat in the dining room.

Which about now is once a year. For Thanksgiving dinner. For which I use the Christmas china.

But now -- it is in the cupboard in the kitchen, and it is going to have a useful life.

New Year's Resolution: Don't save stuff to use for "good." Use it NOW.

Goodbye Christmas. Hello good china!


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