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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cooking.....or not....

Yikes. It has been forever since I've blogged. Blame Busyness....blame lack of inspiration....blame Facebook... I do think about it on occasion, but don't seem to actually GET to it. And yet.

Tim is home. He's been living in Portland since he moved there the beginning of September, but was in Indy for a wedding. We brought him home as he is flying to the Middle East on Thursday for a couple of weeks -- a vision trip -- to see if that is where he would like to serve next.

Cooking is interesting when the Timster is here. First off, you have to understand that cooking for me is the 21st century version of what my esteemed grandmother did which was "apply heat to food." I apply microwave to food.

When it is just Bob and me, it's really simple. You buy in portions that will serve 2, and if you purchase them in larger sorts of packages, you break them down to portions that will serve two. Unless you are my dear husband who just throws them into the freezer regardless of portion size.

Hence the package of 6 frozen pork chops which I'm sure Bob bought because they were 20 cents/pound cheaper if you bought them in quantity. Good idea. If they had been broken down into three servings of 2 chops each.

Ahhhh!! but Tim is home.

"Tim -- are you home for dinner tonight?" "Yeah, I think so. Yeah."

OK -- pork chops out of the freezer.

An hour later:

"Uh, hey, don't think I'll be home for dinner. Going out with Michael."

Pork chops back in freezer, hamburger out -- can try that new hamburger helper I bought and see if we like it.

Several hours later: "OK, so you are going out with Michael for dinner tonight?"

"Uh, no. We went out for lunch. Guess I'll be home for dinner."

Too late to get the pork chops back out. Guess he'll eat hamburger helper with the two of us.

Dinnertime: Seems as though there is someone else here --

"Tim, is Sam staying for dinner?"

"Uh, yeah. Is that OK?"

"Sure -- HH stretches. Hope he likes it."

Sam is charming and grateful.

The hamburger helper is awful. The peas were -- well, peas.

Note to self -- don't buy Asian "mongolian beef" HH ever again.


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