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Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010

I promised I would blog more and do something else less. Whether that is Facebook, read, play silly computer games -- I'm not sure. Anyway, here's blog 1 for 2010.

First off, we have a wedding date -- July 17! Which just happens to be the 198th day of the year, not that I'm counting. Which means I have 198 days to save for the rehearsal dinner, get thin, and get beige. And keep my mouth shut. This is day 1. 197 to go.

New Year's Day is an interesting mix of old and new. Sort of a catch-up day. All new calendars -- I love taking the old calendar down and putting up the new. Starting a new section of my journal. Speaking of which, the journal goes from 2004 to 2014 -- when I bought it in 2004, one of Torrey's friends wryly noted that he thought I was quite optimistic. It's so fun to keep, that I bought one for each of my sisters this year. Evidently "As Time Flies" thought Lyn was extra prolific. They sent her two.

Anyway -- so that's the new. The old is doing the year end finances -- seeing how much was spent all year, figuring out where to cut next year, and how better we can do on saving -- all that sort of thing. Sort of a financial housecleaning if you will. Also new check registers, and new spreadsheets...

This year I started reading a new Bible as well. Last year I read the "Chronological Bible in a Year" which Torrey had given me for my birthday. It's really fun -- puts Job in the middle of Genesis! Anyway, this year I decided to get the Chronological Study Bible -- I find that trying to read the Bible through in a year ends up focusing more on the dates and where I am and how far behind I am rather than on the Bible itself. Looks as though the chronology is different, and it is the New King James Version (don't think I've read anything in the KJV except Luke 2:1-22 since The Good News Bible came out -- or maybe it was Living Letters). But this was the only version this came in, and so far, it's great.

The picture is of Torrey and Chris. I kept trying to upload it to Facebook, and FB would have none of it, so it's on this instead. I took it for our Christmas letter on the day after during our lovely snow which was 24 hours late. I think it is an amazing picture, quite frankly....

Bob is working on finances too -- though he's trying to figure out how much we need to have to retire. Frankly, thinking about that gives me the heebie-jeebies. So much so I think I'll go play Jewel Quest III.


At 9:47 AM, Blogger An Ami in Berlin said...

And so I too, have even fewer days now to get skinny. Do I even fit in my purple dress??


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