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Thursday, October 02, 2008

October 2? Already?

I looked at the blog tonight and discovered I haven't written since September 6. How can that be? Surely I've posted more often than that!!! No? I'm SURE I have written -- um -- SOMETHING.

But what?

I guess I've written in my head -- which is really terribly useful, I know.

So -- what has happened since September 6?

Um. Well. Let's see.....

I've spoken in Madison WI (great frozen custard there), Davenport IA (If this is heaven, it must be Iowa??), Saginaw MI (we could discuss spending 2 hours on I294 because of flooding on 80/94 and having Bob help me figure out how to get from the middle of nowhere to the middle of somewhere), Middlebury IN (betcha didn't know there WAS a Middlebury -- where there is a most amazing hotel -- the Essinghaus -- do go there for a visit), Louisville KY (Linda, Darlene and I were on stage as the Lactonettes -- no, no pictures I'm afraid), Fairfax VA (greatest little Greek Taverna in Alexandria!!) Evansville & Tell City, IN.

And I've spent the night with Torrey & Chris at the Ray of Sunshine Motel.

Uh -- maybe that's why I've not posted.

A "what are the odds" experience:

Flew to Washington DC on a largish plane (largish being defined as yes, they let you take your roller suitcase on and put it overhead) -- an A/B-aisle-C/D/E configuration. I was in 17A on the way to DC -- I've figured out that I'll never, despite all my flying, get anything beyond cattle car on American, but that if I choose the window seat, I get at least a Zone 4 or 5 which gives me a hope of putting my carry-on in an overhead bin.

On the way back I was in 14A. My seat companion was the same man that was my seat companion on the way TO DC. Now -- I ask you, what are the odds?

He said he didn't recognize me -- but did think my suitcase looked familiar.

Y'wanna be noticed? Get a light lavender carry-on.

He's an economist and was at a meeting in DC -- but he does state and local economy, not federal. He thinks our governor, which shall remain unamed (primarily because I can't pronounce his name, let alone spell it!!) is "dangerous."

Enough said.

Except that I was hoping he was going to push for the $700 billion to be divided among all Americans who are law-abiding, ethical, tax paying citizens (I figure that oughta eliminate all the CEOs who have already taken $95.000,000 in bonuses) so we could stimulate the economy.

Guess not.


Anyway, that's what I've been doing since Sept 6.


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