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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weddings in Morocco

Not that we attended one. Tim did, four years ago when he had his 24 hour "adventure" while studying in Sevilla. Our hosts, Patti and Jim have been to a couple of them, and they are wonderful! Unlike here, the wedding "ceremony" really isn't. A week before the wedding, the bride, who has often been chosen for the groom by the groom's parents (based on money, ability to bear children, and looks -- in that order), goes to the doctor to get a "certificate of virginity." The official marriage takes place in a magistrate's office in which the certificate is examined for authenticity (good thing it is just the certificate that is examined...) and papers are signed attesting to the fact that this couple is now indeed married.

The celebration is another story, particularly among the wealthy. Generally it goes until at least 5:00 in the morning in which there is much changing of outfits (remember the really pretty jellabahs in Fes J'Did?) starting with a white one, and moving on to various colors by the bride, and even changing of clothes by the groom. Lots of food and lots of dancing -- but the women are in one room and the men in another.

Around 5:00 the couple is ushered into the bridal chamber where the marriage is consummated. Around 9:00 or thereabouts the bride's mother (!!) brings breakfast to the newlyweds and the sheets are examined for actual proof that virginity was, in fact, a fact. Fortunately they don't run DNA testing to make sure it isn't chicken blood.

As we were driving into Fes from the airport, we passed a home in which a wedding was taking place. The bride & groom were being carried into the house in one of these chairs which are manufactured and bought (if you have tons of dirhams) or rented for the occasion:

Some are for the bride alone --

Some are for both the bride and the groom --

And some are for carrying the bride (or bride and groom) places...

The groom can have up to four wives, but according to Ahziz, the first wife has to approve the addition of the next wives. Of course, if she doesn't approve, he can divorce her, so it is sort of a catch 22.

There are occasions that I've thought it would be nice to have another wife -- but certainly NOT a wife "with benefits" if you get my drift.


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Jan, Jan, you and your sense of humor!! ;o) If I hadn't read it and seen the pictures I wouldn't believe it!


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