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Monday, December 03, 2007

Happiest of Anniversaries -- and Happy Birthday, Chris!

What a special day! Happy second anniversary to the initial reason for this blog -- the wedding of Torrey and Chris in 2005. And, of course, happy 32nd birthday, oh Christopher!

Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent so the church was decorated for the occasion -- and, of course, that brings back such wonderful memories of the wedding. Nice to have a visual reminder of the wedding 5 Sundays a year!!

Here are the newly wed couple two years ago:

And here they are just yesterday:

Their "tradition" is to come to Chicago the first weekend of December and spend it downtown. (I think two years makes a tradition -- sometimes one year can make a tradition...I refer to the fiasco of Lazarus the turkey on Christmas Day in 2005, and the new tradition of serving only hors d'ouevres on C'mas afternoon...) So yesterday they called us after church and offered to meet us at Alfie's for "lupper" (late lunch, early supper) before they headed back to Indy.

So nice to be part of their special weekend!!


At 7:48 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

And a belated Happy Anniversary from down south. You both look wonderful and very, very happy!! :o)


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