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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Speaking of Shopping

I don't think I could have gotten this at Nieman Marcus. I'm afraid I won't have a lot of call for wearing it here at home, but it shore is purty!

My guess is that about 80% of the Moroccan women we saw were wearing these. They are actually an outer garment, worn over clothes. Sometimes the woman had on a pair of tights-like pants that matched. Some were plain, some were absolutely beautiful. All were essentially the same pattern. Almost all women wore them with a head covering of some type. Boy -- could I use that on a bad hair day!

Our hostess, Patti, always wore one when she went outside. She had a couple of warm ones for the cooler days, and while I was bundled up in sweater and coat, she was perfectly comfortable in her jellabah. She also had a light one for summer time -- purple, of course!

I really rather like the jellabah. Covers up a multitude of sins, including, but not limited to, too much Christmas celebrating!!

And yes, in case you are interested, I defied convention and wore it to College Church on Sunday. So much for the assumption that we all have to dress alike there!


At 7:49 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

Yes, the jellabah shore is purty and so are you! :o) I bet you were a hit at church.

At 9:10 PM, Blogger strawberry soda said...

I have a couple of drapey dress/shirts, some of which are worn over flouncy pants. I wear them everywhere - church, store, park, etc. I find them very comfortable, flattering, feminine and modest. I think that mine are more indigenous to India and Pakistan.


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