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Friday, December 07, 2007

Moroccan Architecture

I wish I could give you a good picture of the medina. I think it is probably what Jerusalem looked like in Jesus time -- tiny little streets -- wee little doors that you would crouch to get into, few little windows. Of course, it is a bit younger than the Jerusalem of Jesus day - so I'm sure there are a lot of differences. Anyway, it did give me a lot of scope for my imagination to run wild....

Most of the mosques and other fancy buildings in the medina are done in this style -- lots of colorful shapes and ceramic tile.

This is one of my favorite pics. Look at the juxtaposition of the old minaret with the satellite dish -- everyone has a satellite dish, even some of the poorest shacks in the countryside -- with the pharmacy.

Drat. Blogger isn't in the mood for more pictures, so I'll let this one go -- and do a few more tomorrow.


At 10:49 AM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

Great pictures, Jan. They convey a "feel" for what you all saw and experienced. They brought back memories of being in the old city of Jerusalem which, as I recall, dates back primarily to the 1500s.


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