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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Taking a Tumble

It was SO icy this morning. I was wearing the cutest little purple shoes with my purple outfit -- yes, purple IS one of the Christmas colors. We were on our way to church...Bob had just commented on how slippery it was as I was carefully easing my way down the back steps.

Suddenly -- whoosh! thump! My cute little purple shoes slid on the ice, I did a most ungraceful pirouette and landed on my (fortunately) well padded rump. One shoe went one direction, the other went the other.

I must have twisted my already gimpy knee and hurt the ankle somehow. But I've discovered one of the most important reasons for a little extra fat when you get old and uncoordinated -- you don't break bones quite as easily when you fall.

Rosie -- this message is for you. DON'T fall!!

Bob was going to help me up, but I had awful visions of me pulling him down instead of him pulling me up. "Can't I just sit here until it melts?" I asked plaintively.

Good thing I didn't opt for that -- it is STILL icy -- just dreadful. Instead I carefully hitched my bottom up the stairs far enough that I could stand -- but NOT until Bob brought me some ugly old black shoes with rubber soles. So much for cute and purple. AND put icy melt from hither to yon so we wouldn't have the performance repeated.

Yes -- I did go to church.

And I have aches in parts of my body I didn't know I had. Thank goodness for Advil & Naprosyn.

And no, we didn't take pictures.



At 9:17 PM, Blogger The Silver Fox said...

Jan, I'm so sorry, and I only laughed a little as I pictured you in, well, shall we say such a predicament! I guess I shouldn't complain that we had to run the air conditioning today. ;o)


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