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Monday, August 20, 2007

NOT Torrey's Birthday

Chris reminded me that I mentioned both Tim & Jill's birthdays, but hadn't said anything about Torrey's.....I did mention it in passing on July 8, since we celebrated it on July 4....but he's right.

Mea Culpa.

And Happy birthday to my sweet Torrey, albeit a bit late.

I'm excited because I'll have almost all my family here to celebrate MY birthday this coming Saturday. The less said about the birthday part, the better, but it will be wonderful having Torrey & Chris; Jill & Deven here. Now if only Derrick could come and if Tim could be magically teleported some how -- but on that day he'll be leaving Chambery and heading for Morocco for his next round of language school.

The days of my three children's births are indelibly engraved in my memory....what exciting days those were -- Torrey was the only one that actually got my planned music, though my doc said it did rattle him a little bit as he had never helped deliver a baby to the 1812 Overture before.

That made two of us. I'd never delivered a baby to the 1812 Overture before either.

It was fabulous!


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