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Sunday, July 08, 2007

203rd Post....

I was going to try to remember to post on July 3 -- the second anniversary of when I started this blog, but life has a way of whizzing by....

I'm actually trying to get ready to head for Indianapolis for a three day board meeting where Linda, Carole & I hope to get things accomplished that are much more difficult to do by phone than in person. So Linda is flying in tomorrow morning and I'll pick her up at the airport. My bonus is, of course, that I get to spend this evening and tonight at my favorite D&B (Dinner & Bed).

Torrey and Chris were here for the fourth -- we had a great time, as usual! The Wheaton Parade is a tradition; usually 2 1/2 hours of bands, motorcycles, fire engines, politicians, and a few floats. College Church didn't enter one this year; they don't always, but when they do, it is magnificent! This year we had "Old Queenie" (brought to us by the Republican party. The Democrats did not return the favor and bring us a donkey in return.

Being that this was the year of the cicada (see a previous post), Carlson's Glass brought us their versions:

After the parade was the barbeque -- Jen and Susie joined us for chicken, hamburgers, brats, veggie tray, 7 layer salad, and Rosie's Baked Beans. And -- of course, birthday cake for Torrey. Since her due date was the Fourth of July, it's a great day to celebrate!

Fireworks at the fairgrounds capped off the day. Torrey has to take the LSW exam as she is applying for a part time on call job at the hospital, and despite already being an MSW, she has to be licensed. So Chris brought his blackberry (I think I want one!!) and we sat out before the show began and took an on-line test. It was tough! The first time we did it, Bob did the best -- The pharmacist beat out two social workers and a psych major/RN? Go figure! So then we pooled our resources -- and did worse than when we were dong it individually!

I dare say we were the only ones that were taking an on-line social work exam while waiting for fireworks to begin.

It was a lovely day. And a lovely week. Jen and I went shopping last Monday -- operation care package for Tim -- dang, but I miss that boy! Torrey and I went shopping on Friday to spend the gift certificate to Ann Taylor Loft that was burning a hole in her pocket -- and to make a Costco run where I found several of (one of) my new favorite author's novels in paperback for only $4.49 each!

And we ended the week with 7-7-07 being a memorable day for Liz Anne -- she was admitted to the hospital and had an emergency appendectomy! Rosie (of baked bean fame) called while she was driving the 7 hours from Brookhaven to Chattenooga -- in the rain; both of us wondering why God allowed it to happen then -- and not 24 hours earlier when Liz Anne was still in Brookhaven with her family. Wonder if we'll ever know? Rob e-mailed this morning, and Liz Anne came through surgery fine, and should be discharged today. I suspect she isn't going to start her new job tomorrow as originally planned....

Oh yes, and the cicadas are nearly gone. We ended up with far more this year than 17 years ago....but still nothing like they had in some of the other suburbs.

I'm really rather glad about that.


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