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Monday, July 16, 2007

Nearly 10,000 hits....

Of course, I realize a lot of blogs get that in a day. Mine has been up just over two years (and no, they aren't all MY hits -- so there!) and I'm thinking this is sort of a bloggish milestone to celebrate. Not quite sure what I should do in the way of celebration.

A. I could break a bottle of champagne over the computer.

A-1. Um -- not such a hot idea. I'm not sure if champagne does to keyboards what kitty urp does. Better not try just in case. And -- what a waste of good champagne!

B. I could post something really erudite and witty.

B-1. Maybe not. The trouble with that is, one has to BE erudite & witty, and I'm not even sure what erudite means.

C. I could change how the blog looks. YES!

C-1. No. I'd probably lose everything.

E. I could click on my blog 5 more times and get to 10,000 before the night is out.

E-1. Now that's REALLY a dumb idea.

Instead of celebrating, I think I'm going to have to cave and call an orthopedic something or other. My knee has decided it is going to give out on me periodically. Just -- crumple. Very annoying, painful, and quite stupid looking when I lurch around the grocery store on on the street when it happens. So maybe tomorrow. Or maybe after I get back from Florida from seeing -- yes -- that is how I will celebrate!! I will see the GRANDBABY BOY-CHILD!! And my Jill! And Derrick!! And I will take pictures -- and post them. (Betcha just can't wait).

Good celebrations -- only 3 more days and I'm THERE!

Hope Jill isn't planning on us taking any long walks....


At 7:25 PM, Blogger CuzNuz Ruth, a Transplanted Wildflower said...

Hope you have a wonderful visit! Know you will. And congrats on so many hits... for whatever it's worth. Take care of the knee.


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