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Friday, July 27, 2007

The Grandbaby Boychild

A whirlwind trip to Naples...major good shopping with Jill (thank you Ann Taylor Loft) and discovery of a new favorite store (Hello Chicos!). Incredible lightning storm/show to the south on Friday night -- have never before observed HORIZONTAL streaks of lightning, but there they were. Didn't see either the black bear or the eastern diamondback rattler that was coiled on their front stoop one day. Thank goodness. Derrick has put mothballs all around their property which is supposed to keep them away -- also they have two owls nesting on their land which may keep the snakes at bay.

Such fun with the grandbaby boychild. I've missed him so much -- he's talking -- A LOT! Funny how quickly knowing how to play with a three year old comes back. "Motorboat, motorboat go so slow...motorboat motorboat go so fast...motorboat motorboat STEP ON THE GAS!" That came back to me in the pool which is a delightful respite from the humidity and heat -- and being under a pool cage we weren't tormented by gnats and little no-see-ums that plague southwestern FL in the rainy season.

Our time together went by all too fast. Deven had a minor meltdown at the airport when he realized I was leaving -- "That's OK, my sweet Dev; Grammie almost did too, but because she is old, she hides it better."

They are coming "home" in August for about 6 days. Then it will be Papa's time to play.


At 9:27 PM, Blogger Torrey, half of the MC said...

In those pictures Deven looks like a little man. I've missed so much living so far away. :(


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