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Sunday, June 17, 2007

CicadaFest -- Or is it?

"The Cicadas are COMING!" We've been warned about this for seemingly months. Yes, it is 17 years since the last CicadaFest, but despite the hype, we didn't see any then...and believe it or not, this year we've seen 5, maybe 6 dead ones, and 3 of the little beasties up close and personal.
That is not to say they aren't around. They just aren't here. In our town. Old Wheaton. Our next door neighbor town, Glen Ellyn is truly infested -- drive through town with your car windows rolled up, the ac at max and the sound is still deafening. Not to mention the crunch underfoot when you walk your dog.

Apparently planned outdoor weddings have been ruined by the cicadas' siren screech. Picnics have had to be moved. Outdoor activities are being kept to a minimum (of course, the 95 degree weather we've been experiencing might have something to do with it).

We must have some here -- we can hear them when we sit on our deck, but when we walk around the block, it gets pretty quiet. But they've been so few and far between that we've actually been able to count them.

Suggestion: if you are planning an outdoor wedding for this time 17 years from now when the plague of locusts will hit yet again, plan to have it in Wheaton.

Evidently, when it comes to plagues like this, Wheaton is the Land of Goshen.


At 2:52 PM, Blogger An Ami in Berlin said...

Hey Jan, I'm having fun catching up on your blog! Remember the plague of moths in Montrose? I will never forget that!

I loved the pictures of Deven! :)


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