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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

24 hours & change

We made it through the commissioning service at church. It was pretty low key -- evening service; little bio written up about Tim and Bruce talked a bit about what he would be doing, then prayed for him.

I didn't cry.

Well, that is to say I didn't cry OUT LOUD.

I did leave at the end of the service with three wadded up and wet tissues, however.

One family tradition we have had is to go to Baker's Square for pie after evening events -- school concerts, their baptisms, and so on. Jen's family and her best friend Susy joined us at church, so we all went together. This was the first time we actually met Bob and Irene -- though evidently they were in our SS class at the church when we first attended there and when I was pregnant with Tim. We have a lot of friends in common, and they had a wonderful time catching up with some folks they knew there.

Yesterday we grilled. That is, Tim grilled, I made 7 layer salad, Jen and Susy brought veggies and dip.

It DID NOT rain!!! This may possibly be a first. It was cloudy, but warm enough that I didn't need to wear my woolies.

Great fun!

So now we are down to 24 hours -- well, 30 hours to be more precise. What is left to do?


Yup, you read that right. Tim hasn't done anything yet.

I will not get anxious. I will not get anxious. I will not get anxious.

The car is leaving at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. Tim will be in it. He may not have any suitcases, but he too is leaving at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.

I will not get any more anxious than I already am.



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