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Thursday, May 11, 2006


The search is over. Was it really only four months? It seems like it took forever.

Today Bob accepted a job as Director of Pharmacy at the Elgin Mental/Behavioral Health Center. Seems odd to think that after all these years he's back to pharmacy -- his first love. He'll begin May 30 which gives him two weeks of "vacation". Interesting to think of the next two weeks as vacation -- but if you had actually been able to witness Bob doing a job search, you would understand that it was more than a 40 hour a week job! He probably knows or has spoken to more recruiters in and out of the Chicagoland area than anyone!!

Which gives us time to get things ready for The Garage Sale which will be May 26 & 27.

We are thankful. We are grateful. We are praising God for his faithfulness. And we are trying to work out all that we learned during this time.

1. What I want and what I need are two different things. And I need a whole lot less than I want.

2. Eating out is over-rated. We've really cut back. We did celebrate tonight by going to Macaroni Grill -- but we did it as a two-fer -- celebration AND Mother's Day (since I won't have any of my sweet children to celebrate with me) -- AND we both brought home enough for dinner tomorrow night! Does that make it a three-fer?

3. When you are going through times of need/stress, you are recipients of the love of the body of Christ that you don't really know and understand unless you are in need of it. What an amazing family, life group, and church family we have....thank you Lord!

4. I've thoroughly enjoyed having Bob at home. I'm going to miss him when he heads back to work in a *real* job.

In this new job, he's going to have time to do some of the things that really makes his heart sing: he's treasurer of DuPage Senior Citizens -- today he helped deliver Meals on Wheels to a bunch of homebound seniors. I can see his brain spinning as he is trying to figure out how to better help these dear members of our society. He will have time to do all that needs to be done for Wellness Place -- he's Chairman of that Board -- and there is LOTS to do. And he's Chair of the Cultural Impact Committee at church....

Yup -- he's busy.

Giving to others is one of the things that my sweet Bob does better than most....

Lord, I think the thing I've really learned through this time is what a precious husband you've given me.

Thank you.


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