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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More links

I've added a few more links to the site...

Eric (and Kim) are friends of Chris' -- and I hope now friends of ours as well. They are going to be leaving Indy shortly for Denver working at Kingdom Building Ministries. Eric was one of Chris' groomsmen, and I've really enjoyed getting to know him and his lovely wife. I'm sorry they are leaving Indy (and Chris & Torrey), but glad they are going to be doing some special work for the Kingdom.

Matt is Pickett's fiance -- and Pickett (also known as Erin) is one of Torrey's dearest friends -- they were roomies their senior year at Taylor, and she was Torrey's maid of honor. Both Pick and Matt are in their residencies -- Matt in pediatric endocrinology and Pick in pediatrics/internal medicine. Hard -- tough -- but both will be fabulous pediatricians. I'm SO looking forward to their wedding in October.

A link to Katiekind -- another internet friend of mine -- a truly wise woman with amazing and enduring patience. She is the mother of Chris Thile of Nickel Creek, which means I bask in her reflected glory periodically. You know, the -- "Oh yes, I'm a friend of Chris Thile's mother." Never mind that I haven't ever really met her in person....she's still a friend, and someday, this side of heaven, we are GOING to have coffee -- or tea -- or dinner -- together.

A link to the Renich website which my dear Uncle Waldo keeps up and running. That's my daddy's side of the family -- and it is multitudinous indeed. They have a huge family reunion every two years. One of these days Bob and I (and perhaps our assorted offspring) WILL get to it. Uncle Waldo and Cuz Nuz Ruth are the two gluesticks in our family that keep us tightly bound. I'm thinking Gorilla Glue here.... will tell you the real scoop and real truth about the type of parenting that surrounds the book Babywise and it's offspring. If you are considering using the book or the Growing Families International parenting program -- take a look at this website before you go any further.

And of course, this site wouldn't be complete without a link to my own professional partnership -- Lactation Education Consultants. After all, that's what I do!!


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